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  • Behind the Scenes of Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe

    After racking our brains for romantic locations for our new Starring You Valentine’s Day eCard, we decided what better place to bring a date than a roller skating rink. We scouted around Los Angeles and found Moonlight Rollerway, a classic rink with some disco flare. Not only did we have the chance to get away from the […]

  • Putting Our Old Equipment Towards a Great Cause!

    After our big office remodel in the beginning of the year, we realized we had a lot of unused computers and wanted to donate them.  Luckily we found a fantastic local charity, Komputers 4 R Kids! The organization focuses on providing computers to children in the Southern California area and educating the kids on how to repair, refurbish […]

  • Year in Review Puppet Charity Auction

    After creating awesome Starring You and Year in Review videos both the office and studio tend to accumulate lots of art and props. This year we wanted to share our creations with you, our fans, and raise money for a great cause, so we decided to auction the famous puppets from our 2011 Year in Review video “2011, […]

  • Inside JibJab: Cha-Cha-Changes in the Office!

    The JibJab office has been going through a bit of a 2012 makeover. The company originally was divided in four separate rooms in our building.  We wanted to feel more togetherness in one LARGE continuous room so walls needed to come down, desks needed to be moved and spring-cleaning started early. Check out the photos below of some […]

  • Making of Winter Wonderland

    JibJab’s rocking version of the Christmas classic, Winter Wonderland, is sure to get even Scrooge on his feet dancing. But figuring out how to imagine the penguin’s band and their stage was tough. We spoke with character and background designer, Justin, who gave us the inside scoop of how he picked these waddling rock stars […]

  • Inside JibJab: Production Meeting

    JibJab’s hilarious eCards and enchanting children’s books take a lot of thought, time and planning. Not only do we have brainstorming meetings, draw storyboards and research for inspiration, we also have a weekly production meeting to keep the team up to speed on what is going on. We share breakfast, motivation and a few laughs. […]

  • A Tale of Two Studios

    We have a secret we’ve been hiding from you. As we hope you can understand, we always try to show you our good side. Thus, we tend to show you pictures of our studio that are nice and clean and tidy like this: However, as we hope you can also understand, we’re aren’t always so […]

  • Staff Picks

    A site feature that we added a little while ago, and that we love, is called ‘Staff Picks’. It’s exactly what is sounds like: It shows a JibJab employee, their favorite eCard and an explanation of why they like it. Here’s an example showing Lauren (yes, she does always look like that): You can find […]

  • Vacationers Beware

    As much fun as it is to work here at JibJab — see here and here and here — even we need a vacation. However, the JibJab elves, who have apparently not left the building for the season, like to punish those who dare to take some time off. While Tim was away, all the […]