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The Viral Voice

You remember the guy who is the voice behind our Original videos, Jim Meskimen. You know his George Bush impression from This Land and you’ve already heard his Bill Clinton. But what about his George Clooney? Or Woody Allen? Craig Ferguson? No?  Then check out his latest viral video!  In it he performs Clarence’s speech from William […]

Volunteer Day!

Last Saturday some of the JibJab team took time out of their Saturday afternoon to volunteer at the Bresee Foundation, a nonprofit after-school program serving low-income youth in central Los Angeles.  Our mission was to help clean up the garden to create a cleaner, safer, and prepared for planting area! We had a great time […]

Meme Milano

Yesterday JibJab was forced to say goodbye to Dan Milano.  Dan has been the writer, funny-man and all around keeper of this very blog, so readers, he is of note to you as well!   He has packed up and is moving all the way across the country to NYC.  Dan has definitely left his mark at JibJab – […]

The 2010 Year in Review arrives Sunday on CBS!

Why are there cameras, lights and mics in our humble pirate ship themed studio?  CBS Sunday Morning, an American Institution, visited today for a few interviews, a tour and plenty of great material which they will air alongside the WORLD PREMIERE of our 2010 Year in Review; “So Long To Ya 2010”!  You may think […]

Drums and Dreidels

We filmed Holiday Rock and Hanukkah Rock on the same day and one of the nicer little touches that you may notice in the background was this hand painted Dreidel bass drum image, created by Justin.

Movember Men!

November has come to a close, and with it the Movember, a month of mustache growth in order to raise awareness and funds for male cancer.  JibJabbers Bennett and Anthony both jumped on board the initiative and grew two handsome mustaches this month, enduring much ridicule and awkward stubble along the way. Together they’ve raised $600 […]

Lunch is on… the Interns?

After a nice long summer of animation (not to mention All Nighters and Techno Jumping) our interns are bidding us farewell today.  We had a few surprises in store for them upon their departure, school supplies, toilet paper, wallets with our pictures in them and some framed certificates. We certainly weren’t expecting to get anything […]

A JibJab Panel at SXSW? Yes Please!

SXSW, the conference/festival for everything interactive, film and music held an open call for panel ideas this summer, which we could not resist. There are a few thousand entries for panels to be held at the interactive portion of the fest, and we think we’ve got something that’s never been done before, a panel that […]

2006 Flashback: Double Rainbow All the Way!

Double rainbows were just as incredible four years ago as they are today.  Back in 2006, our whole office had to step outdoors to catch a glimpse of a rare spectacle in Southern California, where it hardly rains at all!  It’s so intense…

Intern Inception

This summer we have had four amazing interns helping us out on the production side of the offices.   They’re either really motivated, dedicated or just bored with anything that’s not animation.  It’s not surprising to see them pulling late nights, or even early mornings… which opens them up to a bit of embarrasment every once […]

Rest, Relaxation and Rollercoasters

After working ourselves into the ground to bring Star Wars to the world, the team got a pleasant surprise, in the form of a trip to 6 Flags Magic Mountain!  Witness some of our hijinks on video.

The Team

We took a new team photo (our first in over a year) with our JibJab shirts on, the most stylish accessory since the handlebar moustache.

Snuggie in the House

In the JibJab offices, temperatures are temperamental. It can be sweltering hot in here one day, freezing cold the next. While we’ve been moving fans around and eating frozen lemonade, Maureen has the right idea. She’s been boldly rocking the pink Snuggie at work all day as she renders videos out for us.

Stress Balls

We are in insane crunch mode right now as tech and art are wrapped for the holiday season.  Nights are late, mornings are early and it can get pretty intense.  So we started throwing these balls at each other.  It’s cathartic!  In fact, your blogger may have had a ball thrown at him after taking […]

Face in Symbol Technology is Here!

Along with the launch of our massive array of Soul Train videos, we’re proud to announce the addition of Face in Symbol Technology at JibJab! What does this mean for you? Right now it means afros! With each Soul Train video you have the ability to affix an afro to your head like Jamie, pictured […]