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Biking to Work

We recently took a poll in the JibJab office of how many people walk or ride their bikes to work. We found out we have quite a high number of employees whose commute is man powered! While LA is famous for horrible commute times, traffic jams, and high gas prices, most of our office saves money […]

New Birthday eCard – Beer is Totally Awesome!

With our newest birthday eCard, Beer is Totally Awesome, you can say Happy Birthday with some fun fruit puns and an adult beverage. Our very own Ashlyn came up with the concept and animation for this card. She has been with JibJab a little over a year creating eCards galore and writing & illustrating children’s […]

Glenny’s for Glennie

Wagon Wednesday has been an office tradition since 2009! Recently, we’ve been trying to be healthier by including some fruit, but the unhealthy snacks always make it back to our desks. Upon learning that we had an employee named Glennie, who is a big fan of healthy snacks, Glenny’s kindly donated a variety of their sensible […]

Team Building Day at Six Flags

  We definitely work hard here at JibJab to bring you fun and funny eCards, original videos and Starring You® Storybooks for kids, but sometimes all work and no play can stifle a company. So, last week Evan and Gregg decided to surprise the team with an outing! We arrived at work welcomed by breakfast […]

Interns Join the Team This Summer

It’s that time again, when the summer sun heats up the beach and the days are so long it is light until 8:30pm. It’s also the time of year we fill our office with the fresh faces of the interns. We had an extremely difficult time narrowing down the talent, but after multiple school visits, […]

Team Photo Day!

We were brought back to our school picture days this week when we had Team Photo Day here at JibJab!  During the photo shoot, we had the bright idea to animate the group photo of us. Check out the team in motion… We are a pretty good looking bunch, if we say so ourselves! Wanna join our […]

Where Do the Ghost Heads Come From?

Do you ever wonder who’s head you are covering up when you make one of our many fun Starring You eCards? As you know we typically use an employee as an actor or model for a new video, but did you know our faces are also the grey default heads? We recently had a photo shoot of some of us […]

ATTENTION!! Drill Sergeant Mom

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching this Sunday we are in no shortage of fun cards to make Mom feel special on her day. In our newest Mother’s Day eCard, Drill Sergeant Mom, we see a cartoon mom singing her way through a day of keeping her house together. It is animated, but did you know we actually photograph […]

Ben & Jerry’s Stopped By!

After reading about the Ben & Jerry’s truck tour in LA, the JibJab team instantly got on Twitter to ask them for some free Ben & Jerry’s!  They stopped by last week to share with us their new Greek Frozen Yogurt. We took a break and escaped to the parking lot to try out their flavors: […]

Quote Wall!

When it was decided we were going to change up our office space, Gregg and Evan took the time to explore ideas for decorating the office in cool ways that would keep us inspired.  One of their ideas spun out of our JIBJAB: LAB – a text-pattern design that Andy created. They thought it would be awesome to paint […]

Magical Brew-The Writing Process

The newest addition to our St. Patricks’s Day eCard collection, Magical Brew, is set to a very catchy Irish jingle! Our in-house writer, Scott, is the lyrical genius behind it, so we sat down with him to get the scoop on how he gets into his writing groove. Have you ever written a song like […]

JibJabbers Play Kickball!

Recently some of us got together and formed a team under the WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) league, an awesome organization that brings everyone together to play kickball, win some games and mingle at a bar afterwards (we’re guessing that’s why most people play). Not familiar with kickball? It is a loose combination of soccer and baseball. We are team “Team” […]

GIF Off 3.0

Every once in a while, when we need a good laugh & a challenge, we hold a GIF contest. The ‘GIF OFF’ is a weeklong competition in which participants create daily themed animated images. Each day we all vote to see which one is our favorite and at the end of the week when all the […]

Inside JibJab: Cha-Cha-Changes in the Office!

The JibJab office has been going through a bit of a 2012 makeover. The company originally was divided in four separate rooms in our building.  We wanted to feel more togetherness in one LARGE continuous room so walls needed to come down, desks needed to be moved and spring-cleaning started early. Check out the photos below of some […]

Yeah, Team!

We are gearing up to launch a new product next month and last Friday we hit a new milestone.  Here is Chris Poe, celebrating the team’s accomplishments.  Curious what we’ve got up our sleeve?  Stay tuned… Check out this video of the moment!